While we love interacting with our clients and figuring out any problems or questions you might have, we know that sometime it's preferable to avoid the hassle of picking up the phone and asking simple questions, only to need to have more time to think once that conversation is over, and while we insist that it is no problem at all on our end, we have compiled this list of questions that we get a lot to save you a few steps along the way!

Just further evidence that everyone involved at Bellevue Party Bus value the time and convenience of our client base!

We do not subscribe to a traditional pricing structure employed by many other luxury vehicle companies. Other companies have fixed prices that, in relation to their costs of maintaining their fleet, is the highest possible denominator. We go the opposite route and evolve our prices based upon how much it costs us to maintain our fleet at the time, giving our customers the lowest possible price.

You will be happy to know that we absolutely do not have any hidden fees. The idea of hidden fees goes against everything that we believe in and stand for in our business. As long as you return the bus in the same condition that it left in, you will be paying the price that you were quoted. Our customer service representatives will make sure that you are very clear on everything that you will be paying for on the day of your rental.

We make sure to have our fantastic customer service representatives by the phone 24/7. So any time you have any questions or would like to book a bus, you can bet dollars to duckies that you will be connected with an actual person and not an automated voice message system!

You absolutely may! In fact, we encourage our customers to come on down and check out the vehicle that they plan on renting so they know exactly what they will be getting, as well as to inspect the condition of the bus that they will be renting. If you need to set up an appointment to come and check out one of our vehicles, then please do not hesitate to give us a call to let us know that you are on the way and we will make sure to have a bus ready for you to tour!

We actually provide service for the entire state of Washington! For a full list of everywhere we go, check out our Service Area page.

Absolutely! It is completely legal to consume alcohol on board any and all of our vehicles! This makes using our luxury vehicles an extremely popular option for parties and events!

Unfortunately, we do not allow smoking on board of our vehicles for several reasons. For one, it is considered a fire hazard, and in addition to this, it could excess wear and tear for the interior of our vehicles. However, our drivers are more than willing to pull over whenever needed to allow the smokers on board the vehicle to step outside and smoke.

We happily welcome people of all ages on our buses, including children. As a matter of fact, childrens' parties such as childrens' birthday parties and heading to childrens' concerts is actually a really popular option for many of our clients. The only thing that we will urge that you keep in mind is that if anyone under the age of 21 is on board one of the buses, we can not allow anyone to drink on board the buses.

We require a 6 hour minimum for each rental of our buses, with the exception of packages for weddings.

Once you have paid in full, or put down a deposit, we can no longer cancel the reservation. The card that you used to pay will be charged for the reservation whether or not you end up using the service, because that spot having been reserved might have prevented us from being able to provide that spot for another person looking to rent out the bus for that day.

There are all sorts of reasons one could rent a party bus! You can head over to our events page to get some ideas, but our clients typically utilize our services for events like bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties, prom night celebrations, bar hopping, and so on! But the great thing about renting a party bus is that you don't really need a reason! You just need to have a desire to ride in one and enough people to join you and the world is your oyster!