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When you're looking for the best place to find luxury transportation in the entire Bellevue area, then Bellevue Party Bus is the place for you, without a doubt! We pride ourselves on providing luxurious vehicles and the highest quality service that we can possibly offer. You won't find a business anywhere that offers better cars, and any who have as prices as competitive and low as ours. We pride ourselves on providing the kind of outstanding service that you simply will not find anywhere else, and when it comes to your luxury transportation on the city streets in this area, there's no one else that can deliver this kind of experience on such an affordable budget. We've worked hard to build our business affordably and wisely so that you can feel like royalty even when you're not spending that much, and we're thrilled to help you to fit things better into your personal spreadsheet if you just give us a call! In other words, we'll give you some tips on how to keep party bus travel affordable, beyond just the usual of splitting the cost among all the passengers. You really can feel like a VIP without shelling out big bucks when you choose to do business with us!

We know that figuring out the transportation for any kind of party can be a really difficult thing to do. This problem is supplemented by terrible traffic, figuring out parking and paying parking rates, having a large amount of people on your guest list, as well as having to figure out the unfortunate situation of assigning designated drivers. By renting a vehicle through our service, you can circumvent all of these issues in one fell swoop! Traffic is a breeze when you're with us, and you might even enjoy any extra time spent stuck in traffic because you'll be busy having fun in the back while the chauffeur deals with the traffic jam out front! You'll be partying it up with your drinks and your entertainment, chatting it up with your friends and having a blast! Parking is a total non-issue since you will be dropped off and picked back up right at the door. The large number of people on your guest list is no problem because they can fit in our vehicles so comfortably, and you don't have to coordinate your driving directions or what time to arrive. And of course, finally, the issue of choosing a designated driver is eliminated because you'll have a professional chauffeur at the wheel all night long!

When we say that we offer the highest quality vehicles, we really mean it! All of our vehicles are equipped with the best features and amenities that money can buy, with premium concert quality speakers, plush leather seats, beautiful interior LED lights, flat screens, dancing poles, and hardwood floors that are great for dancing. In addition to all of this, we also have freshly polished granite counter top bar areas with built in coolers that can store and keep cold whatever drinks you might have, including alcohol -- and, yes, it is completely legal to drink alcohol on board our vehicles! You won't enjoy that perk in your own vehicle, and in fact it's possibly the number one reason that people choose to rent buses from us! We stock our bars with ice and cups, so all you've got to do is decide on what drinks you want to bring! It really is that simple, and so many of our guests have commented that they feel like they have their own little bar on wheels! How fun.

You will be happy to know that, no matter what destinations you have in mind or what type of party or event that you have planned, our skilled chauffeurs and competent customer service representatives are more than knowledgeable and willing to work with you. They have a textbook knowledge of all of the best local bars, restaurants, and locations in the Bellevue area and beyond! They've got a state of the art GPS system at their fingertips just in case, but these professionals know the road and your destinations better than anyone else. You'll love your time on the road with them and you'll wish they could be your personal designated driver every day of the year!

We pride ourselves on proving the best customer service possible, so once you have an idea for what way you would like to utilize our service, head over to our contact page and give us a call or an email! We will always be happy to accommodate! We can provide you with a free price quote over the phone or via email with just a few key pieces of information from you. You just need to let us know the type of event you will be attending, the number of passengers you'll be inviting, and the date of this upcoming event. That's it! Please enjoy browsing the rest of our site and learning about all that our company has to offer you, and then get in touch with us for your 100% risk-free, no obligation price quote.

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